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We're in the news! Here is a list of articles and media coverage on our products and our newly published cookbook, From the Olive Grove. Again, thank you to our customers and colleagues for their continued support.

Chef James Walt on Global BC
Global News LogoIt’s one of the highlights of the summer dining experience. The Araxi Longtable Series is back with the first event kicking off in Vancouver on August 3rd. Araxi Executive Chef James Walt gives us a preview and shows us how to make one of the featured dishes….an heirloom tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella using our Golden Olive Eleni® Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Studio 4 on Shaw TVJune 2011
Garry Steel on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer
SHAW TV Logo Fanny Kiefer talks with Health and Cooking Expert Garry Steel about delicious Fabulous Greek Muffins using Basil Olive Oil products.
Video Media :: Garry Steel on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer
Review: From the Olive Grove CookbookJune 2011
From the Olive Grove: Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil is reviewed in many web sites.

The following is a list of links to web sites that have reviewed and/or have featured recipes from our cookbook

Food Girl Friday Greek Cookbooks at BEA 2011
Recipe: Grilled Vegetables with Herbs The Hellenic Voice
Melitzanosalata (Eggplant Dip) Beard-winning cookbooks
Almond Biscotti Recipe Cooking by Laptop (Hummus)
City Food MagazineFebruary 2011
Review: From the Olive Grove Cookbook
City Food magazine (Winter-2011)From the Olive Grove: Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil is reviewed in the February issue of City Food Magazine.

From the Olive Grove
by Helen and Anastasia Koutalianos, (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010)

Our favourite local cookbook,and one we plan to cook our way through in 2011. Well-loved, delicious recipes from the Greek family who bring Vancouver its best olive oil, along with contributions from friends and customers who also happen to be some of [Canada's] top chefs.

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January MagazineDecember 2010
Best Books of 2010: Cookbooks
JM_BEST-OF-2010From the Olive Grove: Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil makes the Best Books of 2010: Cookbooks from January Magazine
"In the press material for From the Olive Grove, it talks about how co-author Helen Koutalianos has “preached the gospel of olive oil and its benefits for years.” It’s a book that reflects that attitude: there is an element of evangelism about the book though, in this case, it’s not a bad thing. First we learn that the family of the mother and daughter authors have been in the olive producing business for generations. So they both have a reason to know their olives. We get a “brief history of olive oil” that is really not so brief -- though it is interesting -- and also includes tidbits of olive oil production, grading, storage and even health benefits. Then the recipes: simply stated and shared. Mostly Greek classics or variations thereof, without adornment and with the recipes tightly boiled down. Nothing could be simpler or more approachable than the Koutalianos’ Fasolakia Yahni (green bean and potato stew) or their Turkish Kebabs with Garlic and the Fennel Salad is so simple, it almost makes itself. Even the newest cook will find themselves with an interesting new repertoire with From the Olive Grove. "
-- Monica Stark
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Granville MagDecember 2010
Olive oil the secret to amazing lentil soup
Anastasia and Helen KoutalianosAn article from Granville Mag, reviewing Anastasia and Helen Koutalianos' new cookbook, From the Olive Grove, Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil
Why focus on olive oil?
“I think olive oil was a great starting off point. It's something I use everyday and something that North Americans are growing to love,” says Anastasia of the book’s central tenet. At the time, Helen and her husband Basil Koutalianos’s company, Basil Olive Oil Products, had just celebrated its 10th anniversary so olive oil was top of mind in the Koutalianos house.

Where are the recipes from?
Anastasia’s childhood memories of her mother’s food column in The News meant that family recipes would play a key role in the book. More surprising is the inclusion of recipes from well-known Canadian chefs. The Koutalianos family had been importing their certified organic olive oil from Greece for over 10 years and had built great relationships with chefs and restaurants as a result; many of them jumped at the chance to be part of Koutalianos’ project.
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The BC Chefs' AssociationOctober 2010
Book Launch
A launch party for the cookbook From the Olive Grove by Helen and Anastasia Koutalianos was held at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver in October. The cookbook features delectable, Mediterranean-inspired recipes (Greek and beyond) in which olive oil is a central ingredient.

Chef contributors to the cookbook were at the party cooking food made with Basil Olive Oil’s Golden Olive Eleni certified organic extra virgin olive oil Thank you to the BC Chef’s Association for the mention in their Chefs Quarterly, Fall/Winter 2010. 

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Maple Ridge NewsAugust 2010
From Greece, with love, for you
mapleridgenewsAn interview with Helen Koutalianos posted on the Maple Ridge News website.

All olive oils are not created equal. Some can result from the use of chemicals that extract the oil from the fruit.

Some olive oils may have been extracted using heat, which yields more oil from the olives, yet affects the purity.

That’s why Helen and Basil Koutalianos import their certified organic, extra virgin olive oil from Greece, so people can taste the real thing.

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City Food MagazineJanuary 2010
cityfoodlogoCityFood Magazine's newsletter announces all the exciting changes happening at Basil Olive Oil in 2010.
The Koutalianos family of Basil Olive Oil have many exciting projects planned for 2010. Arsenault Pulp Press is going to publish their ‘From the Olive Grove’ cook book. The collection of recipes, all using olive oil, will be a collaboration between Helen Koutalianos and her daughter Anastasia, as well as several top Vancouver chefs. The company will also introduce two new unique products this year -- a certified organic ‘Real Wine Vinegar’ and a certified organic ‘Meli Fir Honey’.  Their flagship product, the Golden Organic Eleni olive oil has a new elegant bottle which are already on display in better grocery stores around B.C.
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Vancouver Sun/ProvinceSeptember 2009
Buy Green

buygreenOn September 19, 2009, the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province ran a full page spread on Buy Green products. Basil Olive Oil's Golden Olive Anastasia® Olive Oil Soap was one of those products.

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Vancouver MagazineOctober 2008
Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

VancouverMagazine2008Basil Olive Oil made the list! In the October 2008 issue, Vancouver Magazine has an article titled '101 Things to Taste Before You Die' and Basil Golden 'Eleni' Olive Oil was number 92.
92. Eleni Olive Oil
Most people think Italy for fine olive oil, but Eleni Certified Extra Virgin, imported from Greece by Basil and Helen Koutalianos of Pitt Meadows, is unparalleled: light and fresh, deeply flavourful, beautifully green in colour, and almost intoxicatingly aromatic. Widely available
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BC Chefs' NewsMarch 2008
First the Fires, Now Here Come the Floods

On page 21 of the March/April 2008 BC Chefs magazine, Chef's News, Basil has written an article updating the chefs on the situation of Greek olive crops due to last year's fires and floods.

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The Vancouver ProvinceMay 2008
How this couple was sold on taste of fresh olive oil

provinceOn May 12, 2008, in BC's The Province Newspaper an article was written on Basil Olive Oil Ltd. in business section 'minding your own business'.

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Western Living MagazineAugust 2007
Organic Pantry

westernliving07Some of Basil Olive Oil products were featured in Western Living Magazine's Organic Pantry in the August 2007 issue. The featured products were

As Canada's largest regional magazine with a circulation of 195,500, Western Living shares what intrigues, surprises and thrills them about people, places, homes, gardens, food and adventure from Winnipeg to Victoria and everywhere in-between.

Monthly columns and departments include travel, gardening and real estate as well as food, restaurants, wine-pairing advice and, as we've been featuring since the inception of Western Homes and Living in the 1950s, stunning homes.


BBC NewsAugust 2006
Olive Oil Secret to Loren Beauty

sophia-loren-olive-oilThe latest BBC report on Sophia Loren, now 70+ looks amazing for her age.  She gives her body extra virgin olive oil baths as well as eating quality fresh olive oil in the diet.  She is a testament to what quality extra virgin olive oil can do for your skin.

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The Vancouver ProvinceMay 2006
Shelf Life  -  Tasty Events 

Golden Olive Eleni is an award-winning organic olive oil  Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd. from the Greek estate of Basil and Helen Koutalianos, who reside in Pitt Meadows when they aren't tending their olives on their farm in the Peloponnissos, near the ancient city of Olympia. To celebrate the new harvest, the company is holding a draw for great prizes, including restaurant gift certificates to Blue Water, Cin Cin and West, where the chefs all use their oil. Enter at Capers and Urban Fare until May 31. The oil is on special all month, though no purchase is necessary to enter. Try their tapenade too. It's fabulous.

© The Vancouver Province 2006

CityFood MagazineJuly  2006
Fresh Pressed Salad Oils

cityfood-magazineStill our most trusted oil the award-winning Golden Olive Eleni is produced by the Koutalianos family of Pitt Meadows from their own olive groves in Greece , meaning the quality, freshness and integrity of the oil is impeccable.  Used by the top chefs in British Columbia, the oil can be found in fine groceries and health food stores around the province,"

Edible BCOctober  2005
Basil Olive Oil Products Bring Greece to British Columbia

Can olive oil really be a B.C. product? Well, not technically but Basil and Helen Koutalianos, who own a grove of a thousand olive trees in the North- eastern part of Greece , are doing their best to introduce it to the province. Like grapes, the quality of olives depends on the weather conditions, particularly moisture and heat. The harvest for 2005 has just begun and Helen reports near perfect growing conditions for the year which should bode well for the many local chefs who swear by this great oil!

The Koutalianos' import their oil and bottle it in their facilities in Pitt Meadows. Their product line began with the olive oil and now includes specialties such as raisins, balsamic vinegar, olives, tapenades, olive oil soaps, moisturizers, and even sea salts and organic food bars.


CityTV "CityCooks"January 2004

Simi Sara, Executive Chef Robert Clarke of C Restaurant, and Basil Koutalianos of Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd.
Olive Oil Tasting & Cooking demonstration.
show airs:
Wed.January 14 at Noon and 3:30 pm in Vancouver,
Thurs. January 15 at Noon in Toronto.
Sat. January 17 at 9 am in Vancouver.

Athens Town CrierOctober 2003
Unca' Jim

The Vancouver ProvinceAugust 2003
Food & Drink - Shelf Life

The Vancouver ProvinceJuly 2003
Anointed Oil


Chefs' NewsNovember 2002
The Olive Harvest in Greece

CityFood Magazine, VancouverMay 2002
The Business of Organics - Issues

The Vancouver ProvinceMay 2002
Good Food - Olive Oil the Greek Secret

Rolling Pin International, Vol 2, Canadian IssueFebruary 2002
Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd. - Pure and Simple


Hospitality TodayJuly 2001
The Season of Salads


Hospitality TodayNovember 2000
Chefs Online


BC Restaurant NewsOctober 1999
Golden Olive 'Eleni' Oil

The ProvinceSeptember 1999
Greek olive oil in

Vancouver SunJune 1999
Vitality in your Life

The Balanced Life MagazineMarch/April 1999
Ah, olive oil.


Chef in your KitchenNovember 1998
Olive oil has ancient history


Olive Oil Cookbook

From the Olive Grove
Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

A wonderful combination of Greek classics, treasured family recipes, and some wonderful recipes as supplied by the chefs who use our olive oil.
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Did you know?
Prevents Calcium Loss
Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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