Here is what our customers and chefs who use our products have to say about us!


Consumer Testimonials

"I am really looking forward to those soaps. I'm especially impressed that it's made out of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil and no other oil fillers! I'm a first-time mother of a 9-month-old son who just recently diagnosed with eczema. I think his skin reacted negatively to Johnson Johnson Baby Bath Wash. I've been moisturizing his skin with extra virgin olive oil that my father-in-law gets from Greece, and I cannot believe the positive results! So, needless to say, I'm excited to try your Anastasia olive soap.
By the way, I think it's so sweet that it's named after your middle child! "

Jan 2013 - AM
Toronto, ON

"I love your Anastasia soaps! Here's our email conversation below to refresh your memory about my son's skin condition. His skin has cleared up and hasn't had any flare-ups! In the beginning, I was using olive oil to moisturize his skin. When your soaps arrived, I stopped doing that. I bathe him a few times a week with your soap - it worked wonders! It's got to be the Johnson Johnson bath wash that caused his skin condition! Tonight I was telling my cousin to use your soap for her four-month-old son who also has eczema.
I also used your soap and noticed that my skin doesn't dry out like my i.... soap does.
Okay I'll get to the point here! I want to buy more soaps from you....."

Feb 2013 - AM
Toronto, ON

"My cousin and I need to order more soaps. We are both pregnant, and expecting our second child this summer - we're only a week apart! To date - my 21-month-old son NEVER had any skin problem ever since we used your soap. So does her 1-year-old son. It's sad thinking how many children would be spared of many skin problem if they use most natural products possible on their skin.
My cousin commented that she's using your Anastasia soap because she cannot stand the smell of the conventional soap - it's amazing how much pregnant women can smell :). I love that I don't itch after my shower (unlike when I use i.... soap... ugh!)."

Feb 2014 - AM
Toronto, ON

"I recently became aware of the horrible olive oil scam that has been happening with certain olive oil companies. They have been purposely bottling and selling very inferior blends of olive oils mixed with other oils...and marketing them worldwide as extra virgin. Thank goodness they have been caught and something is now being done about it. It is a criminal act and so unfair to consumers.

This started me on a search for the best and purest REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil...and led me to Basil Olive Oil Products and to Golden Olive Eleni®...as well as their other fine products.

This beautiful olive oil is a delicious and healthful product full of all the natural goodness of the best olive oil anywhere. To me every drop pours out like liquid gold. I now use only Golden Olive Eleni® every day. It's the best olive oil I have ever tasted. I'm so grateful to Basil Olive Oil Products for keeping this ancient tradition alive and bringing these wonderful products into our lives."

Marlena Fairbourne
Richmond, BC

"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your olive oil soap. I have mild rosacea and dry skin and have been looking for products for my face for the past three years as everything I have put on it has caused burning, bumps, itching, etc. However, I have been using your olive oil soap for the past six weeks and my face has totally cleared up. I am so happy that I wanted you to know that your soap is amazing. 

As well, as a moisturizer, I am using straight olive oil right out of the bottle and my skin has never looked better. Thank you for producing such an amazing soap. I have purchased a few bars for friends and tell them how much it has helped my skin."

Maple Ridge, BC

"I just wanted to thank you, sincerelyafter suffering for years with terribly irritated skin and occasionally severe adult facial acnefor helping to heal my skin with your Anastasia olive oil bar soap! I have tried every product I could imagine at such great expense, and one day came across a bar of your soap in a local market. It looked so lovely and natural and smelled so wonderful, yet neutraland I felt intuitively that it would be healing. At such a reasonable price I purchased a bar and figured, 'Why not?I've tried everything else'.

I could attribute the change in my skin to other things in my life, but I'm quite consistent with my lifestylenothing else had changed significantly from when I began using the soap to cleanse my face. I noticed after only two initial uses of the bar that the irritation had begun to heal. After three weeks of use, my skin is simply glowing! I'm convinced that I appear younger, my skin feels hydrated, and fine lines have diminished remarkably. All this from a beautiful little bar from my local food market in Vancouver.

I'm a graphic artist, and the packaging certainly attracted me, for one. The craggy shape, weight, and natural scent of the bar seemed perfect. And I'm sure the bar will last a very long time even with frequent use. Never have I felt so strongly about the benefits of any kind of body-care product, so I thought it necessary to let you know that it has affected me so positively. I shall try your olive oils for cooking next!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Kindest Regards,
M. C.

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Chef Testimonials

Araxi Restaurant

James Walt, Executive Chef, Araxi Restaurant

James Walt

"I started using Basil Olive Oil about 3 years ago and to this day I am still shocked at the pure flavor and the true essence of the olive that this oil has. I use it exclusively for vinaigrettes and drizzling on seafood and vegetable preparations. I also find lightly seasoned with a little sea salt makes for an excellent dip for breads and chilled seafood. I have tried many oils and have found this to be truly the best."

James Walt, Executive Chef, Araxi Restaurant, Whistler


Pizzeria Barbarella

chef-hat Pizzeria Barbarella – Vancouver

Owner chef – Terry Deane

Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa

Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa

"I was introduced to Eleni Olive Oil two years ago and have never looked back. Earthy, natural flavors elevate and add depth to every dish. It allows our local ingredients to speak for themselves. I'll always have it in my kitchens."

Scott Dickson, Executive Chef, Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa
www.brentwoodbaylodge . com


C Restaurant

Robert Clark, Executive Chef, C Restaurant

Robert Clark

"As Executive Chef at C Restaurant, its imperative that I source out quality products. Golden Olive Eleni® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect example of this: its pure refined taste enhances any seafood, and paired with Stoney Paradise Tomatoes, you couldn't ask for a better union. Also, as a certified organic product, it fits perfectly into our mandate of being 'Twenty-First Century Responsible'"

Robert Clark, Executive Chef, C Restaurant

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Canoe Brew Pub Marina & Restaurant

Alain Léger

Alain Léger

Canoe Brewpub, Marina and Restauran

"I've been using the Eleni Golden Olive Oil for years now in all the restaurants I've worked in.  I love the taste of the earth, the grass flavours and the very enjoyable freshness that comes through.  It is full of sunshine and transpires elements of culinary purity.  You can't compare it to anything else on the market, it is truly one of a kind.

I use it mostly to garnish and flavour dishes to add some finesse.  It is amazing what you can achieve with just one drizzle of this product."

Alain Léger, Executive Chef, Canoe Brewpub, Marina and Restaurant, Victoria

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Ciao Thyme Bistro (and retail store)

Bernard Casavant C.C.C., Chef, Chef Bernard's Cafe, Whistler

Bernard Casavant

"As Chef/Owner of a high end Cafe and Pub in Whistler, I constantly source top quality ingredients to ensure a superior dining experience for all our guests. With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is imperative that we use a clean, excellent tasting product such as Helen's. For the past 13 years in Whistler, I have always supported local purveyors and you have a field ripened Organic Tomato, freshly milled pepper, sea salt and Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, THAT is the taste of summer to me! Thank you Helen for the awesome oil and great retail packaging also!"

Bernard Casavant C.C.C., Chef, Ciao Thyme Bistro, Whistler


Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community

Ralf Spodzieja - Executive Chef, Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community

Exec Chef Ralf Spodzieja

"I rarely use brand names on my dining room menus,but every once in a while a chef is fortunate enough to come across a product so outstanding that it can't be helped to let my patrons know what it is and where it comes from. Eleni products are a cut above the rest and a true enhancement of my cuisine!"

Ralf Spodzieja, Executive Chef, Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community





Enver Creek Secondary School

Terry Larsen - Chef Instructor, Enver Creek Secondary

Terry Larsen,
Chef Instructor

"I first met Helen Koutalianos a couple of years ago at a Mini Trade show sponsored by the BC Chefs' Association. I sampled her products and was very impressed, however at that time I thought that the product would be too pricey for a high school cafeteria and didn't think much more of it until Helen telephoned and asked if she could come out to my school to talk about her product and give us some samples.

Her visit persuaded me to purchase the Golden Olive Eleni product and we have been using it every since.

A prime product such as Golden Olve goes a long way and in the end is much more cost effective than cheaper products that one needs to use more of to get the same effect in one's dishes and cuisine.

Both myself and my students have come to appreciate the fine taste and flavour of Golden Olive Eleni and we will continue to use Basil Olive Oil products."

Terry Larsen, Chef Instructor, Enver Creek Secondary


Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel

Vincent Stufano,Executive Chef, Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Vincent Stufano

"A true constant, Golden Olive Eleni® olive oil from Basil Olive can always be found in my kitchen. With its incredible aromatic enhancing flavour it never fails to add that special something to vinaigrettes, salads, our sautés, or simply when used as the finishing touch to a plate at the Wildflower. It makes the ordinary extraordinary."

Vincent Stufano, Executive Chef, Fairmont Chateau Whistler

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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Robert Lecrom,Executive Chef, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Robert Lecrom

"The golden colour and supple taste of the Golden Olive Eleni® olive oil makes you feel that you are under the sun of Greece."

Robert Lecrom, Executive Chef, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Jericho Tennis Club

Jericho Tennis Club

David Beston

Every chef has a range of finishing products, and Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple in my collection. Whether drizzled over Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes or pan-seared scallops, the result is always the same- spectacular. The citron, pepper and grassy notes and luscious texture add life to food. Pairs particularly well with aged aceto balsamico - the older the better.

Executive Chef David Beston, Jericho Tennis Club


Garibaldi Secondary School

Daniel Lesnes, Chef Instructor, Garibaldi Secondary School

Daniel Lesnes, with students

"Quality of ingredients is a concept I emphasize to all my students. Great cuisine begins with superior ingredients. I've been using the Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from Basil Olive Oil in my Teaching Kitchen for two years. Then Helen Koutalianos introduced me to her Organic Kalamata Olives. They are the only olives I will use now. Recently I've decided to try the Original Corinthian Currant Raisins. Once again, I am very impressed with the quality.

Students from the Culinary Arts Program, as well as the general student population and staff have discovered the exquisite flavour of these Organic Products."

Daniel Lesnes, Chef Instructor, Garibaldi Secondary School

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Hastings House Country House Hotel

Marcel Kauer, Executive Chef, Hastings House Country House Hotel

Marcel Kauer

The beautiful tranquil retreat, Hastings House, is located on 25 acres at the tip of Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island. Exec. Chef Marcel and Sous Chef Thomas create a new menu daily, and feature Salt Spring lamb and fresh seafood from local waters. Just a few of the ways they use Golden Olive Eleni®, drizzled on the Garden fresh Hastings House organic greens and on the Wild Sockeye Salmon.

Marcel Kauer, Executive Chef, Hastings House Country House Hotel


Hawksworth at The Hotel Georgia


David Hawksworth

It's been a great pleasure to use your Olive Oil over the years. After tasting some many different oil's over the years, yours is truly remarkable. Simply over fresh greens or fish it adds another dimension either in a professional kitchen or at home. Thanks for taking so much pride in your product!!!

David Hawksworth


Kingfisher Resort & Spa

Kingfisher Resort & Spa

It is our pleasure to give you some feedback on your marvelous product and service. You introduced Basil Olive Oil Products to us few year ago and we discovered the great qualities of your extra virgin olive oil, the great taste and consistency of your high quality olive tapanade as well as all the other product that you have made available to us. Promoting high quality product and fresh local ingredients to our guests has help us create a good reputation for our restaurant. Great for cooking, infusion, vinaigrette of simply drizzle over food, the diversity is endless. I would not substitute your products for any others as it is the optimum quality.

Ronald St-Pierre C.C.C. Chef, Executive Chef, Kingfisher Resort & Spa

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Lumiere Restaurant & Feenies

Lumiere Restaurant

This is just a quick note in praise of your wonderful product, the Golden Olive Eleni® extra virgin olive oil. For the past three months our entire kitchen at Lumiere has used this oil extensively in everything from dressing and sauces to seared fish, and even sorbet. It has also become a staple in Chef Robert Feenie's personal kitchen at home.

Here at Lumiere, we are constantly searching out the very finest ingredients to serve to our guests, and Golden Olive Eleni® is a product that never fails to meet our highest expectations. Our thanks and congratulations for this outstanding oil. All the best in the future.

Marc-Andre Choquette, (former) Chef de Cuisine, Lumiere Restaurant


Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

Thomas Render - Executive Chef of Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

Thomas Render,
Executive Chef of
Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

"I have been working with Helen and her delicious olive oil for the past 5 years. I am still amazed at the pure, fruity flavour that leaves no bitter aftertaste. I always prefer to use organic produce and find 'Eleni' olive oil the perfect compliment. One of my favourite ways to use this olive oil is as a warm vinaigrette with any of B.C.'s amazing seafood. This flavourful olive oil is also a staple in my home kitchen. Cheers!"

Thomas Render, Executive Chef, Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa



Nook Restaurant

Testimonial coming soon.



Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

Tony Minichiello & Christophe Kwiatkowsky

Chef Christophe has been using the Eleni Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the Vassiliki Kalamata Olives at his catering company, Le Zeste for a few years.

Logo of the Northwest Culinary Academy of VancouverWhen Chefs Tony & Christophe joined forces to open the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, it was natural that they would also use your exceptional products here. The olive oil has a wonderful flavour that complements many dishes, and we use it as much for seasoning as for cooking. We feel it is crucial to expose the “chefs of tomorrow” to the highest quality ingredients right from the beginning. The fact that all of your ingredients are certified organic, and that you and your family take such obvious pride in the products you offer, are very important to us. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

It’s nice to know that you are the ones responsible for every stage in the process, from growing the olives, to bottling the final product. Thank you!

Tony Minichiello & Christophe Kwiatkowsky, Founders and Principal Instructors, NWCAV


Nu Casual Cuisine

Nu Casual Cuisine

My mantra is, "The integrity of a product is the foundation on which a chef will build his reputation."

Basil Olive Oil Products have that integrity and that is why the young chefs at Nu love working with these ingredients.

Robert Clark, Executive Chef, C Restaurant, Nu Casual Cuisine, Raincity Grill

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Provence Marinaside Restaurant

Jean-Francis Quaglia, Chef/Owner, Provence Marina-side Restaurant

Jean-Francis Quaglia

Jean-Francis likes to drizzle Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on fresh grilled fish with fresh lemon just as it's prepared in France. He also prepares a Sea food Platter of lobster, crab, prawns, scallops, muscles, clams, and fresh salmon or fish of the day, with a side of Golden Olive Eleni® for dipping. With the view you almost think you are in the Mediterranean.

—Jean-Francis Quaglia, Chef/Owner, Provence Marinaside Restaurant



Quay Restaurant

Dobrosav Kovacevic, Executive Chef, A Kettle of Fish

Dobrosav Kovacevic

"I have used the Golden Olive Eleni® for the past couple of years. Enjoying its consistency quality and flavour, in not only the oil, but the tapenade as well. They are both an added touch to smoked wild salmon and other exotic seafoods. Thanks Helen for introducing me to such a superior product."

Dobrosav Kovacevic, Executive Chef, Quay Restaurant


The Rosewood Hotel Georgia

chef-hat The Rosewood Hotel Georgia - Vancouver

Exec Chef Ken Nakano

Salmon House Restaurant

Dan Atkinson, Executive Chef, Salmon House Restaurant

Dan Atkinson

"I met Helen and her husband at the Wellness Show one year. I was going to be up on the cooking stage doing my thing. I was asked if I wanted to use their olive oil during the show. I always love using new or different products and olive oil is one of my many favorites. I used the oil and cooked salmon of course and there was something about the rich, thick, beautifully golden oil that attracted me. I brought a bottle back to the restaurant and soon found the bottle empty. I soon found myself buying a whole case to make sure I had enough to experiment with our daily creations.

The olive oil is great for saute of fish, shellfish and vegetables. The oil holds up to heat well, as well as greatly seasons and coats the food. I cook prawns in the oil with basil, pine nuts, red onion and dried chili flakes. There is excellent color and aroma. I then cool this mixture down and the oil captures all of the seasonings and juices as well as the prawns. I then toss this mixture with some frisee lettuce and gently press everything into an eight ounce cup that forms a mould. I let this set for 30 minutes and then pop it out onto a plate. Finish with a little more of the olive oil, some balsamic reduction, course sea salt, and some fresh cracked black pepper. A beautiful dish is created with great flavor and presentation.

Cooking with the oil is one way and the other method to use this oil I find the simplest and the most rewarding. As a vinaigrette you do not have to use many other ingredients for fear of hiding the incredible aromatic flavor. A bowl of fresh baby vegetables tossed with the olive oil, herbs, touch of mustard and a mild vinegar will create another simply super dish. This olive oil is definitely what I call one of my paint brushes when I cook. I have talked to Helen many times and she is a wonderful person and very patient. Her attitude on life and the organic olive oil they sell is pure and simple. She tells me they have 1000 trees and their goal is to maintain their business and give people a chance to taste the real thing, meaning the oil.

When I heard thata chance to taste the real thing, it stuck in my mind. Usually a sales pitch is to offer the best or the cheapest. I enjoy talking to Helen about the oil because I can learn something. I know now that olives are quite bitter right from the tree. Understand about the pressing and also what to look for if nasty ingredients are used for refining the oil.

I can not say enough about the oil except that maybe their olives are great, also.

My name is Dan Atkinson and I have been the chef at the Salmon House Restaurant for 11 great years. Great because there are companies with people like Helen who I sometimes meet."

Dan Atkinson, Executive Chef, Salmon House Restaurant

Saveur Ristorante

Stephane Meyer, Executive Chef, Piccolo Mondo Ristorante

Stephane Meyer

I like to use the Golden Olive Eleni® as a finishing oil on fish and soups. On the surface of a soup it creates a delicate pattern and gives a wonderful aroma. I also like to use it drizzled on salads, it gives a clean fresh taste.

Stephane Meyer, Executive Chef and Owner, Saveur Ristorante


Seasons in the Park

Lynda Larouche, Executive Chef, Seasons Restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park

Lynda Larouche

"Three years ago I had a lady who came into my restaurant and introduced herself as the organic olive oil lady. she had started to inform me of her unique product, that at the time i was not interested in all that she was saying. in my mind i thought i had the best olive oil you can buy for the balances in our cooking applications. when she informed me of the pricing i could not understand how this was to be so beneficial. so i kind of thought that i would listen but i couldn't use it in our kitchen, yet. Needless to say she left me a small sample and wanted to see my reaction. At the time i was busy and so it sat on the shelf. Until the following week i decided to open it, for a woman who wanted to have a dining experience at the restaurant but she had allergies and restrictions in her diet that was a mile long. We accommodated this person and then i thought of the olive oil, perfect. That was the day which changed our perceptions of olive oils. The woman now purchases the olive oil from her favorite grocer and we are proud in serving such a high end product to our guests. Simple, earthy, exceptional what else can i say..."

Lynda Larouche, (former) Executive Chef, Seasons Restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park

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Seton Villa

Michael S. Pinter C.C.C., Executive Chef, Certified Chef Instructor, Seton Villa

Michael S. Pinter

"It is an old saying that you are what you eat. Today's philosophy is that the better quality food you consume, the better health you will have. I would certainly consider the Certified Organic Golden Olive Eleni® by Basil Olive Oil Products, among the best quality olive oils available on the market. I have to tantalize the taste buds of two hundred Golden Agers three times a day at Seton Villa and find the Golden Olive Organic First Press Olive Oil plays an important role in our implementation. It works equally well in both cold and hot food preparation with its unique color, flavour, texture, and, most importantly, its purity."

Michael S. Pinter C.C.C., Executive Chef, Certified Chef Instructor, Seton Villa


Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouse

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouse

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouse

From our ever-popular antipasti plate to our weekly specials, such as olive braised lamb shank or puttanesca, Basil Olive Oil's Kalamata and Cracked Green Olives have been a wonderful addition to the Spinnakers menu.  These delicious and delightful olives have been inspirational, and as a result, Spinnakers is now in the midst of expanding the variety of product that we get from the Basil Olive Oil Company.  We applaud you for your obvious dedication to the consistent quality of your product and to expanding and supporting the availability of GREAT organic food.

Thank you very much,

Alison Ryan and Jeff Penner, Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouse


Thomas Haney Secondary School

Pierre Dubrulle, Chief Instructor at Thomas Haney Secondary School

Pierre Dubrulle with students

"Last year I met Helen Koutalianos at a BC Chefs Association meeting. She Did a presentation to us Chefs and was so passionate about her product that I decided to give it a try. Well now I am also a passionate OF Basil Olive Oil. This organic product enhances the food I am preparing. It leaves the mouth with a clean after-taste and best of all a little goes a long way. I also tried the certified organic Kalamata Olives. At first bite it felt like a burst of flavours, with a hint of lemon, garlic, spices and sunshine. I strongly recommend my colleagues to give Basil Olive Oil Products a try."

Pierre Dubrulle, Chief Instructor at Thomas Haney Secondary School


Tojo's Restaurant

Tojo Hidekazu, Chef/Owner, Tojo's Restaurant

Tojo Hidekazu

"I just wanted to send you a small greeting to let you know that I greatly appreciate the wonderful olive oil which you have provided my restaurant with. Traditionally, olive oil is not commonly used in Japanese cooking, yet we have found many uses for it as a main component in some of our special salad dressings, and as well, simply as a cooking oil in our sautees and tempuras. I have also taken the liberty to recommend your quality product to fellow (praised) chefs, in the hopes that they too will discover that your Golden Olive Eleni® is truly a delicious and natural product. I assume you will not mind the promotion and understand my enthusiasm in doing so."

Tojo Hidekazu, Chef/Owner, Tojo's Restaurant

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West Restaurant & Bar

Warren Geraghty - Executive Chef, West Restaurant & Bar

Warren Geraghty

Testimonial Coming Soon.

Warren Geraghty, Executive Chef, West Restaurant & Bar


Wickaninnish Inn

Wickaninnish Inn


Testimonial Coming Soon.

Andrew Springett, Sr. Sous Chef, Wickaninnish Inn

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Art Institute Dubrulle International Culinary Arts
"The Art Institute of Vancouver"

Julian Bond - Executive Chef, Director of Culinary Programs, Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Canada

Julian Bond

"At AI Dubrulle International Culinary Arts we receive endless samples of many different varieties of olive oils both for teaching and purchasing requirements, but the only consistent oil that had good flavour, minimum acid and that got a 100% approval from both the faculty and students came from Basil Olive Oil."

Julian Bond, Executive Chef, Director of Culinary Programs, AI Dubrulle International Culinary Arts


Scott Baechler

Scott Baechler, Executive Sous Chef, Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria

Scott Baechler

"Here at the Fairmont Empress we use Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Grilled Meats, Vegetables and light dressings. We also use the smaller bottles for our VIP Gift Baskets. If you enjoy Olive Oil You will Love Basil Olive Oil Products."

Scott Baechler, Former Executive Sous Chef, Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria



Michael Bebault

Michael Bebault, Sr. Sous Chef, Wickaninnish Inn

Michael Bebault

Meeting Helen and Basil and having the opportunity to taste and use the Golden Olive Eleni® Olive Oil was a fortunate time for The Wickaninnish Inn and myself. The aroma, color and flavor are like no other I have tasted. I prefer to use the certified organic Golden Olive Eleni® Olive Oil in ways that feature the oil in its purest state. Lightly drizzled over vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh basil, brushing the tops of freshly baked breads or tossed in a fine herb salad are just a few of our simplest applications. Congratulations and thanks so much for such an incredible product.

Michael Bebault, (former) Sr. Sous Chef, Wickaninnish Inn


Cafe Pamplona

Richard Moore, Cafe Pamplona

Richard Moore

"Golden Olive Eleni® is a great addition to our kitchen and restaurant. Here at Cafe Pamplona we are always treating our guests to simple, quality flovours and Golden Olive Eleni® is the best !!!
Thank You Basil Olive Products !!!!!"

Richard Moore, Cafe Pamplona


Cyrano Catering

Pascal Dagorne,Chef/owner, Cyrano Catering

Pascal Dagorne

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Basil Olive Oil for the exceptional quality of their products. We use especially the organic olive oil 'Eleni' for our fine vinaigrettes, salads, smoked scallops and other cold or warm appetizers to take advantage of its incredible flavour. I strongly recommend it to every chef looking forward to improve the quality of their dishes although I should be guarding this product as a secret to myself. Satisfaction assured!"

Pascal Dagorne, Chef/Owner, Cyrano Catering


Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills, Canadian Bocuse d'Or Candidate 2001

Christopher Mills

"As chefs representing Canada in international culinary competitions as well as providing the best quality products to our customers, using Basil Olive Oil Products is a natural fit. We appreciate your dedication to quality as well as to your customers."

"Your certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Golden Olive Eleni® is a beautiful product worth its weight in gold. I can hardly keep it out of the hands of all my chefs."

Christopher Mills, Canadian Bocuse d'Or Candidate 2001, Former Executive Chef, CCC, Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver & Bocuse d'Or Team Manager

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L'Emotion Restaurant

Jean-Yves Benoit, Executive Chef/Owner, L'Emotion Restaurant

Jean-Yves Benoit

Recently opened and nominated in 4 categories by Vancouver Magazine Awards, as Best French Restaurant on the North Shore (2nd place). Jean-Yves prefers to use your Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin olive oil in finishing the plates, adding on the fresh seared fish fillet, pouring on the sauteed squid appetizer, on the chic pea galette. It just finishes the dish nicely, gives it a shiny aspect and adds to the taste.

Jean-Yves Benoit, Executive Chef/Owner, L'Emotion Restaurant


Glenn Monk


"I was always very happy to use the fine olive products that you have offered to me here. Golden Olive Eleni® is an outstanding product, that matches very well with our cuisine of our Wildflower Dining Room. It has been a pleasure using your products and as well as having your business available as a supplier to the Chateau Whistler."

Glenn Monk, Former Executive Chef, Chateau Whistler Resort


Daryle Nagata

Daryle Nagata, Executive Chef, Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Hotel

Daryle Nagata

"I would say that your olive oil is a key ingredient in the daily operation of the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver. Thinking of flavours first in the creation of the many classic, ethnic and regional cuisine, your oil definitely helps give us an edge over our competitors. The tapenades are a tremendous addition to everything from sable fish to arctic musk ox and the soap fits right into our herbal room gifts in celebrating Canada's largest urban hotel organic herb garden!"

Daryle Nagata, Former Executive Chef, Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Hotel


Kelly Perras

Kelly Perras, Chef/Owner, Kelly's Katering, Tsawwassen BC

Kelly Perras

"Here in Tsawwassen's first organic restaurant, we use the Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the key ingredient, not only for our special house dressing but the basis for all our cooking. The beautiful fragrant olive oil adds wonderful flavour to our sautes of fish, shell fish, kebabs and vegetables. "the better the quality the better the flavour" Thank you for providing us with such an outstanding "pure" product in which to serve our customers needs."

Kelly Perras, Chef/Former Owner of Kelly's Katering, Tsawwassen

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Tamas Ronyai

Tamas Ronyai - Executive Chef, The Vancouver Club

Tamas Ronyai

Chef Ronyai is a Hungarian trained chef with international experience in some of the best kitchens in the world and a medal winner on the world culinary competition stage.

Arriving at The Vancouver Club in 1999 from The Ontario Club, Toronto, Chef Ronyai is dedicated to making The Vancouver Club kitchen the best in the city. His principle aim is to provide Vancouver Club members and their guests with an unrivaled and unforgettable experience each time they visit The Club.

Tamas comments on Golden Olive Eleni® : "The members of The Vancouver Club have very high expectations. The culinary team appreciate the quality of superb products such as yours. The consistency and flavour are what makes every dish we prepare with your olive oil the best in the city."

Tamas Ronyai, (former) Executive Chef, The Vancouver Club


Marcus Von Albrecht

Marcus VonAlbrecht, Executive Chef, Jericho Tennis Club, Vancouver

Marcus Von Albrecht

"I use a variety of great ingredients from Basil Olive oil products limited. They enhance the taste of my food and bring smiles to my customers faces. It is easy to make outstanding cuisine when you use the best products available."

Marcus Von Albrecht, (former) Executive Chef, Jericho Tennis Club & President, B.C. Chef's Association & Area Director for Canada, Asociacion de Restauradores Gastronomicos de Las Americas (AREGALA)


Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver/Diva Restaurant

Scott Baechlor, Executive Chef, Diva at the Met

Scott Baechler

"The culinary team at Diva at the Met uses Golden Olive Eleni® Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on grilled meats and vegetables and in light dressing preparations. The consistent rich flavour complements the bounty of regional produce available on the West coast. If you enjoy working with quality olive oils, you will love Basil olive oil products."

Scott Baechler, (former) Executive Chef, Diva at the Met


Pastis Restaurant


"Love to use Golden Olive Eleni® certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to finish and complete dishes to confit vegetables like tomatoes etc. Ah the Freshness!"

Alain Ledger, Executive Chef, Pastis Restaurant


Restaurants Using or That Have Used Our Products in Their Menus:

  • Aerie Resort
  • Araxi Restaurant
  • Art Institute Dubrulle International Culinary Arts
  • Blue Water Cafe
  • Bishops Restaurant
  • Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa
  • C Restaurant
  • Cafe Pamplona
  • Campagnolo Restaurant
  • The Cannery Seafood Restaurant
  • Canoe Brew Pub Marina & Restaurant
  • Chateau Whistler Resort
  • Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community
  • Cyrano Catering
  • Diva Restaurant, Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver
  • L'Emotion Restaurant
  • Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria
  • Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel & Resort
  • Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Hotel
  • Firehall Bistro
  • Food from the Heart of the Island
  • Fuel Restaurant
  • Hastings House Country House Hotel
  • Jericho Tennis Club
  • Kelly's Kitchen
  • Kingfisher Resort & Spa
  • Locals Restaurant
  • Loden Hotel
  • Lumiere Restaurant
  • Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver
  • Morton's The Steakhouse
  • Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa
  • Nook Restaurant
  • North West Culinary Academy of Vancouver
  • Nu Casual Cuisine
  • O’Douls Restaurant, Listel Hotel
  • Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Passatempo Restaurant
  • Pastis Restaurant
  • Provence Marina-side Restaurant
  • Provence Mediterranean Grill
  • Quails Gate Winery
  • Quay Restaurant
  • Salmon House Restaurant
  • Saveur Ristorante
  • Seasons Restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Seton Villa
  • SOBO Tofino
  • Sonora Room Restaurant, Burrowing Owl Winery
  • Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHouse
  • Tapastree Restaurant & Wine Bar
  • Thyme Bistro
  • Tojo's Restaurant
  • The Vancouver Club
  • West Restaurant & Bar
  • Wickaninnish Inn


Hawksworth at The Hotel Georgia

David Hawksworth

It's been a great pleasure to use your Olive Oil over the years. After tasting some many different oil's over the years, yours is truly remarkable. Simply over fresh greens or fish it add's another dimension either in a professional kitchen or at home. Thanks for taking so much pride in your product!!!

David Hawksworth

(p.s. Hawksworth at The Hotel Georgia is to open May 2011)



Olive Oil Cookbook

From the Olive Grove
Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

A wonderful combination of Greek classics, treasured family recipes, and some wonderful recipes as supplied by the chefs who use our olive oil.
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Did you know?
Prevents Calcium Loss
Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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