Greek Halva

halva1Halva is a sweet commonly eaten in parts of Asia, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Our halva is handmade in Piraeus, Greece (Halvas Drapetsonas) using ground sesame seeds, sugar or honey and the finest nuts and/or flavours.
Soft to the touch, our halva is light and fluffy and never hard. A great snack or food to eat during lent.

Halva is kosher, gluten and dairy-free, with no GMOs, colours, preservatives or added additives.

We offer the following assortment of flavours (all in 450g containers):

  • Classic halva
  • Halva with almonds
  • Halva with almonds and cranberries
  • Halva with cocoa
  • Halva with cocoa and cookie crumble
  • Sugar-free halva

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 Greek halva


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